Registration of a simulation service

You are a simulation service in Switzerland working for customers in Switzerland and would like to present yourself on
Please note the yearly fee of CHF 30.-, follow the registration requirements and declare your interest to We will verify the details and provide you a login if you’re fullfilling the requirements.
Our goal is to provide and build-up a higher value platform of qualified specialists. Therefore no automated registration is possible.

  • You’re company appears in the official Swiss register of commerce.
  • You have access to higher education, knowledge and know-how to provide competence and software.
  • You provide simulation software, education or simulation services on a scientific level of excellence.

Please respect that we provide this platform according to our limited resources and build-up step by step. Due to security aspects not all functionality can be provided to access freely. We are looking forward to your registration and content contributions.

» eligibility_requirements (pdf)