The MedeA Software Platform

Innovation from integration.
The journey of MedeA takes you from simulation to analysis to decision. A powerful productivity tool, MedeA brings everything you need together in one place. With MedeA you can calculate all of the materials properties seamlessly, saving you time and putting all the data that you need in your hands.

Power of prediction.
Think of the implications of being able to predict the physical and chemical properties of many materials combinations. That is what MedeA can help you do.

MedeA’s network architecture helps you to:

  • Search and retrieve over 500,000 entries of materials data.
  • Enable the calculation of tens of thousands of cases.
  • Build models of interfaces between materials with a user-friendly interface.
  • Compute mechanical, thermal, catalytic, electrical and magnetic properties of materials.
  • Visualize and analyze results.

Graphite Electrode Elastic Properties upon Li Intercalation

There is widespread interest in improving the performance and capacity of Li-ion batteries. Graphite is the standard anode material in these devices. As such, there is a critical need for an in-depth understanding of fundamental graphite properties at the varying operating conditions of a device.
First-principles calculations reveal a three-fold increase in the Young’s modulus of graphite as it is lithiated (C->LiC6). A linear expression is determined that describes the approximate stiffness of Li intercalated graphite as a function of loading which may lead to greatly improved continuum models of electrode deformation and failure.…


Materials Design

since 1998

Materials Design
Think ahead. Think modeling and simulation.

Materials Design consists of a global team of world-class computational materials scientists with a wide range of expertise in physics, chemistry, software engineering and materials databases. Working with the research labs of leading companies, we understand the importance of rapid impact on R&D projects. Our passion is using science to solve industrial problems and drive global competitiveness.
Founded in 1998 by a team of leading scientists, Materials Design is a company designed for today’s world with employees and partners working on three continents and in seven time zones. If you don’t have in-house R&D capabilities, our team can step in and help you solve specific problems where you need additional support or expertise. When you work with us, your project benefits from the full range of our software capabilities and our computer infrastructure. Our reliable, well-tested software tools are now working for you, producing results you can trust.
At Materials Design, we’re also known for our collaborative approach to problem solving. For many customers, we provide an efficient path to building in-house expertise in computational technology. Our technology partnerships are typically longer-term engagements where we develop new software capabilities designed to meet a specific need. Work with the teamof Materials Design to tap into the potential of the future.

  • Software:
  • The multifunctional software platform MedeA: ( to compute materials properties:
  • structural properties
  • thermo-mechanical properties
  • thermodynamic properties
  • chemical properties
  • transport properties
  • electronic proerties
  • optical properties
  • magnetic properties

Materials Design
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